The Executive Branch

How is the president chosen? What are the president's duties? Who runs the nation if the president gets sick? These are just a few of the questions author Mark Thorburn answers in his book. Also explained are the origins of the presidency, the daily workings and structure of the executive branch, its relationship to the rest of the government, and examples from history that highlight the various roles our presidents have played.

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This title in the Federal Government series describes the history, challenges, and responsibilities of the President of the United States. The book begins in a somewhat surprising place in the nations history—the Cuban Missile Crisis and the role of President John F. Kennedy. The next chapter goes back to George Washington and the origins of the office of U.S. President. The remainder of the book does not follow chronologically, instead focusing on such topics as duties of the President, the Vice President and staff, the process of selecting a President, the unusual process of removing a President from office, and what happens when the President is sick or injured. The text is supplemented by illustrations, photographs, and reproductions of web pages. In addition, the book contains a glossary, detailed chapter summaries, suggestions for further reading, an index, and extensive internet resources. Through Enslows website, readers can also access updated links to the internet. This book would be a good resource for a wide range of readers., Children's Literature
Product type: Library Bound Book
ISBN: 978-1-5984-5060-6
Author: Mark Thorburn
Copyright: 2008
Reading Level: Grades 6-7
Interest Level: Grades 6-12+
Dewey: 351.73
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 9 1/4"
Full-Color Photographs, Illustrations